Fa bricae

Fabrica, Fabricae (plural) latin -  feminine noun
craft, art; craft of metalwork/building; construction/building/making

The name Fabricae was chosen for its association with craft, art and building, as we believe good architecture is a combination of all those things. 

After working for 8 years in the field, founder Jennifer Demitor, was tired of doing Starbucks, Shoppers Drug Marts and apartment buildings with only the occasional more personal project like a small business or home.  She quit her job as an architect and started to focus on her art career and starting a family. As she explored our relationships to our surroundings in her art installations and sculptures, she realized she wanted to create architecture that was more like art. Why can’t our spaces inspired us? Why shouldn’t we strive for our homes and businesses to be a work of art? She realized the most fulfilling part of being an architect was building her clients a space that they connect to and she wanted to get back to that personal and meaningful part of architecture. Fabricae was founded in 2018 with the pursuit of an architecture that strives to be something more. It endeavours to be a multifaceted workshop combining and collaborating between architecture, art, craft, psychology and more to create spaces that inspire us and that we connect to.

Making Notes



At Fabricae, we want to build a space that our clients connect to and that is uniquely reflective of who they are. Our process starts with an in-depth exploration of what is important to our clients: their values, their lifestyle, their interests, down to how they cook in their kitchen. As well, we explore their goals for what they want to achieve through their project. Through this, we create a custom client profile and project analysis that becomes the framework for our design, and a bespoke architecture that authentically reflects you and the life you want to live.



Our goal is to create a spaces that people connect to. We believe our homes and spaces, should be like our favourite sweaters or shoes, something that brings us joy and comfort! One of the ways we achieve this is through Storied Architecture. Storied Architecture is about curating the story of how you want to live in your home. It's the window seat in your kitchen where your daughter reads while you cook. It's the cozy family room that reminds you of holidays at your grandparents. It's the texture of your bathtub surround that brings you back to that rocky beach cliff from your favourite vacation. It's designing spaces for little special moments that make your home something more. It's spaces derived from how you and your family interacts, that take inspiration from your memories or draw on something meaningful to you. Whether it's history, heritage, music or the outdoors, we strive understand and listen to our clients and then create spaces that they personally connect with.

Max Saax tub dipped in GFRC
Trellis Sculpture



Architecture is often mundane. All around us, there are buildings that are boring, and uninspiring. Even our homes become become a series of boxes that get checked off. Open concept kitchen with island and granite countertop... check. Bathroom with free standing tub and beautiful faucets... check. We believe architecture is really architecture and not just a building when we connect to it, and when we design it to be something more than just a pretty place.     

When ART and ARCHITECTURE intertwine, something magical happens. Architecture becomes not just functional and beautiful but it can have a story and a concept. As an architect and professional installation and sculpture artist, owner Jennifer Demitor believes that architecture that strives to be art becomes something more. We believe in bringing that creativity to each project. Every client is different and every client deserves unique and artistic moments in their home and spaces.



At Fabricae, we are serious about how our surroundings directly influence our mental and physical health. For us bespoke architecture is about wellness, about facilitating a fulfilling life by creating spaces our clients connect to. But beyond creating a personalization and meaningful architecture, we pursue wellness by integrating elements that research has shown help both our physical and mental health. Natural lighting, tactile materials, and indoor-outdoor space integration are some of the tools we use to create healthy spaces. Currently, owner Jennifer Demitor is pursuing her Well AP certification as a commitment to maintain credentials that indicate a passion for healthy spaces.

Green Ivy on Stone Wall