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What makes the foundation of exquisite architecture? We believe that it is the perfect combination of quality construction, craftsmanship, enveloped by art to create balance between form and function. We built our foundation on these principles and called it “Fabricae”. A word so simple yet so meaningful, holding the magnitude of hard work within the beautiful latin which enchants the soul. Meaningful architecture, that is what we stand for.

Modern Bathroom


Jennifer Demitor, founder of Fabricae, explores and challenges space in a new way. Through her work she asks the important question of how can the spaces around us inspire us every day? How can we use space to reflect our unique individuality? With profound interest in environmental psychology, she understands that spaces impact our emotions and as a result they affect our wellbeing. According to Jennifer, the function of our spaces serves to liberate, indulge, and exhilarate us, providing a refuge that is secure and comfortable. While the form, embraces who we are, embedding our unique individual stories within every detail. That is Jennifer’s idea of combining function and form to create the masterpiece that is your home.


The first step in every great design process begins with you. The beauty of your dream home should serve as an outward reflection of your extraordinary uniqueness. Tell us about yourself, we’re so excited to get to know you. Your values, lifestyle, interests, dreams and aspirations all make up the perfect design for your home. These details help us curate a design brief that authentically reflects you and your dream life in your new home!

Home design
Bath Nook.png


Picture your favourite moments spent in different places and spaces. Maybe it’s the feeling of throwing on your favourite comfy sweater, sitting by the fireplace with a warm cup of coffee and kicking your legs up after a long day? Or the cozy family room that reminds you of holidays at your beloved grandparents’ house? I bet you can already smell the delicious aromas of grandma’s home cooked meals wafting throughout the corridors from the kitchen. Maybe your favourite spot is your bathroom, where you can immerse yourself in a nice warm candlelit bubble bath in the  textured tub that reminds you of the rocky beach cliff from your favourite vacation. Spaces have the ability to inspire our memories and transport us into different worlds. Our goal is to design spaces that arouse these precious moments. We call it “storied architecture” because we take your stories and embed them into your homes. Whether its history, heritage, music or the great outdoors, we hear your passions and bring them to life through your home!


Life can be full of squares and rectangles. Think of it like this. We wake up in a rectangular room and walk over to our rectangular kitchen, put our food in a rectangular oven, walk through out rectangular door, and hop into our box shaped cars. We arrive to our rectangular office and sit in our cubical, only to drive home and repeat it all over again. However, you are not a square. You are a circle, a beautiful multifaceted and dimensional being with so much to offer the world so why shouldn’t your spaces reflect this uniqueness? We believe that when art and architecture intertwine, something magical happens. Creating art from architecture tells a story. Your story. Jennifer Demitor is not just merely an architect but also a professional sculpture artist and she is awaiting to create your one of a kind masterpiece.

Trellis Sculpture


We know that you take your health and wellness seriously so we’re committed to creating spaces that enhance your overall vitality. Spaces influence our mental and physical health. Just imagine how differently you feel in a cold and dark underground basement compared to  a warm brightly lit living room overlooking the ocean. Beyond creating personalized and meaningful architecture, we also pursue creating wellness based spaces by combining elements such as natural lighting, tactile materials, and indoor to outdoor space integration. Our commitment to your health is so strong that we are currently pursuing our Well AP certifications to maintain the credentials needed to create the most optimal living space for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

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