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What types of projects do you specialize in?

We have expertise in most building types with a focus in residential and experiential architecture. We are interested in any project with unique parameters or clients looking for something unique or artistic.

What makes Fabricae unique?

Fabricae is an exceptionally client focused firm that creates bespoke designs that are developed from extensive profiles developed with each of our clients. It focuses on creating something authentic and meaningful to our clients and their vision with artistic and creative solutions.

How much does the process cost?

For homes, we start our services with Schematic Design, which costs 2% of an agreed upon budget for construction. If we work well together and are a right fit for you, we proceed to Design Development, Construction Drawings and Construction Review, for which we charge 8% of the final cost of construction.  Other projects are reviewed on a case by case basis.

How long does an average process take?

Our process takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks for Schematic Design and 10-16 weeks for Design Development and Construction Drawings.

What is an architect? What do architects do?

Architects have a general background in building related education, including building science, planning and design. Architects assist their clients in realizing built projects. They help with the initial stages of planning and defining projects parameters through to the different stages of design and the creation of building drawings. As the project is built, they act as a representative of the client ensuring the building is built to their standards.

What is the difference between an architect, an interior designer, a designer and someone with their BCIN?

The profession of architecture is tightly regulated in Canada. To be able to call yourself an architect you must have completed a Master of Architecture at an accredited university, as well as an internship and series of exams, a process that can take 10 or more years. In Ontario, interior designers are also tightly regulated. They must complete an accredited degree, minimum experience requirement and exams. The title designer is a non-regulated. A BCIN number can be acquired by anyone by completing exams relating to the Ontario Building Code and can be used instead of an architect's stamp for certain building permits under a certain size.

What style do you design in?

YOURS!! At Fabricae, we want your home to be in your style. We take the time to help you figure that out. We believes our client's homes should reflect them and not our own personal styles.

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