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It always starts with an idea. Then it becomes a vision. All too often that vision only turns into a dream. But we’re here to turn that dream into a reality! Whether it’s a passion project, redesigning your home, an office facelift, a retail boutique store, or a public art installation, we’re here to give you the full attention that you need to take your ideas from conception to completion.

Watching Online Lesson

Preliminary Consult

So far  we’ve shared a lot about ourselves, but who we’re really excited about meeting is you! In our preliminary consult we start by asking you to complete an intake form which allows us to get to know a little bit more about your wants and needs. However, because we value establishing a meaningful connection with you, we want to meet you face to face or via zoom. 

What to expect:

  • Review of in-depth intake form

  • Socially distanced or virtual viewing of your space or home with our lead architect;

  • Discussion of goals, aspirations, and project parameters;  

  • Discussion of possible design solutions and key areas of possible architectural intervention;

  • Development of a client profile

Ready to start working on your dream project together? Let’s Connect! 

Schematic Design

After the preliminary consult, we move to the schematic design phase. In this process, we further get to know you as we move through several iterations of layouts that reflect your ideal home. We encourage our clients to dream and explore what “home” means to them instead of what is normal. Normal is what everyone has; a "home" is unique to each client.

We develop layout of your home based on how you can best utilize your space. We look to reflect you and your family’s lifestyle whether that be sporty, artistic, nature based or wellness centered to bring that into the parameters of your home. We look at what experiences you want your home to facilitate that ensures you get to enjoy those key moments such as sipping on a cup of warm coffee while staring at the view, family games night, partner time by the fire etc. 

This phase is where we develop the basic floor plans and define the important elements that start to transform a house into a home. Also in this phase, we do a zoning review to make sure what we propose is allowed by the city. We also prepare a design brief that helps guide the design process in later phases and looks at everything from your goals to how to implement and incorporate your values (such as wellness, connection to outdoors) and interests. 

Experience Map Lakeside Spa House - 04072021_edited.jpg
Wooden Stairs

Design Development and Construction Drawings

The next stage is design development. Where schematic design is focusing on capturing the grand ideas, design development is all about elevating and refining those ideas.

 Each space is further shaped and defined, adding those little details that will make your home so extraordinary. We get into the nitty gritty of how you will be spending your day to day in your home – from how you like to cooking in the kitchen, to what materials, colours and fixtures will bring the spaces together and detailing all those special little comfort places such as your reading nook. 

Since this process is closely linked to how your home is constructed we complete construction and permit drawings as part of this phase.  Here, we look at everything from wall construction, to tubs, faucets, paint colours and more. We get into as much detail as possible so that you can get the best pricing and a smooth construction process. 

We go beyond just picking flooring or wallpaper.  We take it a step further in considering details such as where you will place your glass of wine as you gaze out at the view from your tub or window seat. It’s these details that really work to combine form and function to take a room from great to exquisite.

Construction Review and Administration

The final stage is the construction review and administration. We understand that building can be overwhelming. We are here as your representative to ensure that every part of the process goes smoothly.   

Building is never a straight forward process. And when issues arise during the construction, we handle the majority of it with the exception of decisions that you’d want to have input on. Since, we’ve already made most of the decisions in the design development and construction document phase, this usually only amounts to stuff that has changed or requires additional cost. We view the problems that arise on a project as moments where we get to make the project even better. 

During this phase, we meet regularly with the contractor and make sure they have everything they need for construction to flow. We also ensure that their invoices and your payments are reflective of the work they have done. 

For me construction administration continues to be one of the most rewarding parts of my job! After 10 years of practice, it is this service which I see brings one of the greatest benefits to my clients not only because I find it magical to see a project come to life but because I can really take the stress off their hands. 

Construction site
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