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Lakeview House

In Lakeview House, the owners really wanted to create a tranquil setting where they could engage with the outdoors and their view. As they rise in the morning there are greeted by a beautiful view through their balcony out to the Lake. As they shower, get dressed, make and eat breakfast, relax, watch TV, and work, the view is their constant companion.

Lakeview Great Room_edited.jpg
IMG_8261 copy_edited_edited.jpg
Kithcen View_edited_edited.jpg
Kitchen -2_edited_edited.jpg
Kitchen Lakeview updated kithcen_edited.
Sitting Room_edited.jpg
Upstairs Bath copy_edited.jpg
IMG_8163 copy_edited.jpg
IMG_8183 copy_edited.jpg
Lakeview - Laundry_edited.jpg


Our work looks to express and support the uniqueness of our clients. In this project, we used memories, interests, a love of tetris, and the history of the home as inspiration to create a design meaningful to the occupants.

IMG_8786-2 copy.webp
IMG_8786-2 copy.webp
IMG_8802 copy.webp
IMG_8860 copy.webp
IMG_8818 copy.webp
IMG_8688-2 copy.webp
DSC08639 copy.webp
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