Jennifer Demitor

Founder and Principal Architect

Jennifer is the founder and lead architect at Fabricae. Her passion for creating meaning and connection in our spaces let her to start Fabricae in 2018 in a search for architecture that was something more.

Graduating from Dalhousie University with her Masters' in Architecture in 2010, she practiced in PEI and New Brunswick before moving to Kingston in 2017. She has over 13 years experience in a variety of architecture from small scale residential renovations to multi-million dollar homes, large scale residential developments, corporate and commercial architecture, low-income housing and heritage architecture. Now as the principal architect at Fabricae, she focuses on architectural projects that she find more personal and meaningful, primarily homes or smaller scale commercial projects. 

She is currently a member of Heritage Kingston and has worked on on several local heritage projects, most notably as the design architect for 81 King St East.

Jennifer also has her Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies and Bachelor of Fine Arts. She is also a professional artist with a focus in installation art and sculpture.